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SerotoninAI is a cutting-edge web application designed for scientific research focusing on the serotonergic system. It allows researchers to evaluate the affinity (pKi value) of a molecule for all major serotonin receptors and transporters based on its structure, input as SMILES. The application also offers critical insights into key drug attributes like blood-brain barrier penetration and human intestinal absorption. The complexity of the serotonergic system requires sophisticated tools for precise predictions, crucial in drug development. SerotoninAI meets this need with an easy-to-use interface that predicts pKi values for primary serotonergic targets. This tool is freely accessible online at and also on Health Universe (, and supports all major web browsers via Streamlit. To my knowledge, no other tool provides affinity predictions for serotonergic targets without registration or fees. SerotoninAI significantly enhances global drug development efforts. Additional modes are serotonergic activity and selectivity. The source code is available at

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Warning: Not intended for clinical use. Assume outputs are unsafe and unvalidated. Use carefully.

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