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Patient Co-Pilot is an innovative digital assistant designed to help guide patients through their surgical procedures. By integrating the OpenAI API (GPT 3.5) with fine-tuned prompts, the app can deliver real-time, conversational responses to a wide range of patient inquiries related to their surgical experience (both preoperative and post-operative). The application covers all common types of surgeries, and many of the rarer ones. The aim is to augment the communication channel between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring that patients have access to reliable, understandable information at their fingertips. Collaborators: Mishaal Ali MD, Kate Callon, Jennifer Xu, Ed Yap MD

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  • Preoperative Education: Patients can inquire about the specifics of their upcoming surgery, including preparation steps, what to expect during the procedure, and the role of each surgical team member.
  • Postoperative Care: The app offers guidance on post-surgery care, including wound care, activity restrictions, and signs of complications to watch for.
  • Emotional Support: By providing timely and empathetic responses, the app can help alleviate patient anxiety and offer reassurance throughout the surgical journey.
  • While OpenAI doesn’t use the data sent via the API to train/improve its models and the data is only retained for 30 days to monitor for abuse before being deleted, you should not enter any sensitive or identifiable information, especially PHI, in the application. For more information on how OpenAI handles information sent via its API, see the “API Platform FAQ” section of
  • The app is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It's designed to complement, not replace, the guidance from healthcare professionals.
  • While it provides information tailored to the patient’s surgery, it may not account for all individual patient circumstances and comorbidities.
  • Although this app isn’t based on a peer-reviewed article, two MD doctors were involved in its creation.
  • This app won the August 2023 Health Universe Hackathon, demonstrating its strong impact-making potential in the medical field.

I created this app to help guide patients through their surgeries, including preparation and recovering from the surgery. This can help improve compliance and reduce complication rates, as patients are better educated.

Currently, the app provides specific resources to patients for appendectomy and laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Based on user feedback, I plan to enhance this app to provide resources for a wider range of surgeries.


Warning: App may appear to work well but has not been peer reviewed. Not intended for clinical use. Use with caution.

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