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This is a Streamlit web application for healthcare professionals to track their release of information productivity. It allows users to enter data such as calls, voicemails retrieved, total phone time, type of request, number of requests completed, pages sent, time spent, radiology CDs created, images clouded, and non-productive time. The application then saves the data to a CSV file for later analysis. The application also features mandatory fields and error messages for when users forget to fill in required information.

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Allows users to enter various data types, including: - Calls made - Voicemails retrieved - Total phone time - Type of request - Number of requests completed - Pages sent - Time spent on tasks - Radiology CDs created - Images uploaded to the cloud - Non-productive time Saves entered data to a CSV file for later analysis. Features mandatory fields to ensure completeness of data. Provides error messages for missing required information.

This app is a work in progress.

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Warning: Not intended for clinical use. Assume outputs are unsafe and unvalidated. Use carefully.

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