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Oncologic Co-Pilot is a sophisticated tool designed to assist physicians in managing oncologic surgeries. This application utilizes the ChatGPT API with a specialized prompt format to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) in providing detailed, medically accurate responses to physician inquiries regarding various oncologic surgeries. It also features comprehensive informational content and tailored images specific to different types of oncologic procedures. Oncologic Co-Pilot aims to enhance the communication flow between surgeons and their medical teams, offering a streamlined and efficient way to access surgical information.

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Oncologic Co-Pilot is a digital aid intended solely for educational purposes, and authoritative sources should be consulted for clinical decision-making. Its applications include:

  • Preoperative Planning: Assisting surgeons with detailed guidance on evaluations and preparations before surgery.
  • Intraoperative Decision Support: Offering immediate access to information on surgical procedures and techniques, as well as handling unexpected challenges during surgery.
  • Postoperative Care Guidance: Providing insights for managing patients after surgery, including pain management, monitoring for complications, and recovery protocols.
  • Educational Tool: Serving as a learning resource for medical trainees and surgeons seeking to deepen their knowledge of oncologic surgeries.
  • Facilitating Team Collaboration: Enhancing communication and coordination among the multidisciplinary teams involved in treating oncologic patients.
  • Dependence on Accurate Input: The efficacy of the apps advice is contingent on the accuracy and detail of the information provided by the user.
  • No Substitute for Clinical Judgment: While informative, the app’s guidance cannot replace the nuanced decision-making and expertise of experienced surgeons. As with any digital tool handling sensitive medical information, there are inherent risks regarding data privacy and security that users need to be mindful of. Do not enter identifiable data.

This application is a variation of the “Patient Co-Pilot application”, created by Mishaal Ali MD, Kate Callon, Jennifer Xu, and Edward Yap MD:

I’m Dan Caron, the owner of this app and the founder of Health Universe. I founded it with the intent to democratize health AI/machine learning, and it hosts a wide collection of high-quality models that are useful for clinicians, patients, and researchers.

Drawing inspiration from the Patient Co-Pilot application by Mishaal Ali MD, I created this app to help clinicians better understand and manage oncologic surgeries. It answers questions regarding preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative aspects of oncologic surgical procedures, saving clinicians valuable time and potentially improving compliance to guidelines. It also has potential in educating cancer patients and their families.


Warning: Not intended for clinical use. Assume outputs are unsafe and unvalidated. Use carefully.

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