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ChemGAPP GI focuses on the analysis of genetic interaction studies. ChemGAPP GI calculates the fitness ratio of two single mutant strains and a double knockout in comparison to the wildtype. It also calculates the expected double knockout fitness ratio for comparison to the observed fitness ratio. ChemGAPP GI displays this data as a bar plot.

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Used as a tool for chemical genomics analysis and phenotypic profiling.Workflow: IRIS File Input ... Genetic Interaction Fitness Ratio Calculation ... Data Visualization

Generalizing results to diverse organisms or conditions may be limited.

The three sub-packages of ChemGAPP were specifically crafted to facilitate broader involvement from the scientific community in chemical genomic techniques. This was achieved by streamlining the dedicated analysis pathways for each sub-package.Check out the other packages: ChemGAPP Small and Big

Peer reviewed

Warning: This application or model has been peer reviewed, but still may occasionally produce unsafe outputs.

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