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CariesGuard is an app designed to assess and predict the risk of dental caries in children. This innovative tool simplifies the process of evaluating a child's oral health by asking just 10 targeted questions. Using a user-friendly interface, CariesGuard addresses various factors that contribute to caries risk, including dietary habits, oral hygiene practices, medical history, and more. By analyzing the responses provided, the app swiftly generates a personalized caries risk score and provides recommendations

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CariesGuard simplifies and accelerates the assessment of dental caries risk in children through a quick and user-friendly process, offering personalized scores and recommendations for effective preventive oral care.

Reliance on user input may lead to potential biases or inaccuracies, as individuals may not always provide accurate details about their habits or oral health.


The CariesGuard app is important because it provides a convenient and efficient way to assess and predict the risk of dental caries in children, promoting early intervention and personalized preventive measures for better oral health outcomes.


Warning: Not intended for clinical use. Assume outputs are unsafe and unvalidated. Use carefully.

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