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This app provides researchers with intuitive tools to explore drug synergy. Through features like dose-response plotting, IC50 curve analysis, and isobologram generation, it allows for a deeper understanding of how drug combinations impact cell survival rates. By simplifying data exploration and visualization, the app facilitates the optimization of therapeutic interventions for improved efficacy and safety.

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In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical research and development, the quest for effective drug combinations to combat diseases demands rigorous analysis and visualization. This application provides an intuitive platform for researchers to explore drug synergy data comprehensively. Through a user-friendly interface, researchers can select specific drugs, experiments, and concentrations of interest. The app generates insightful visualizations including dose-response curves, shifting IC50 curves, percentage affected heatmaps, median effect plots, and isobolograms. These visualizations empower researchers to discern complex relationships between drug combinations and their efficacy, facilitating informed decision-making in drug development pipelines. Whether investigating potential synergistic interactions or evaluating dose-response relationships, our app streamlines the analysis process, ultimately accelerating the discovery of novel therapeutic strategies.

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Chory, E. J., Wang, M., Ceribelli, M., Michalowska, A. M., Golas, S., Beck, E., Klumpp-Thomas, C., Chen, L., McKnight, C., Itkin, Z., Wilson, K. M., Holland, D., Divakaran, S., Bradner, J., Khan, J., Gryder, B. E., Thomas, C. J., & Stanton, B. Z. (2023). High-throughput approaches to uncover synergistic drug combinations in leukemia. SLAS discovery : advancing life sciences R & D, 28(4), 193–201.

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